Digital Marketing / SEO

Digital Marketing / SEO

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization

    Advanced Search Engine Optimization

    Numbers alone don’t tell the whole story

    SEO goes far beyond ranking first in a Google search. It is the art of making sense to the audience that is important to you, along with the ability to keep this audience in your website by providing  clear and meaningful content.

    When it comes to achieving brand recognition and awareness it is important to keep in mind that the best results derive from a relative balance between paid and organic searches. While the majority of agencies focuses mainly on paid results, INDEV constantly optimizes your most substantial web parameters in order to drive valuable organic traffic to your website.

    Accelerating the mechanisms of SEO enables us to deliver your message across multiple audiences and give your brand a stable online presence.

  • Analytics


    An accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions
    – Grace Hopper

    In a marketplace full of competitors who offer almost identical products and services, the value of a brand that is able to “think  like a customer” is never overrated. At INDEV we work our magic to give you a sneak peek into the minds of your customers, by using the finest metric tools there are.

    There is a commercial value lying behind the numbers and data. By closely monitoring your customers' behaviour you learn exactly how to target your products or services to each and everyone of them! Our team aspires tο bring out this value by generating targeted insights on the fields of e-commerce, competitor research and marketing.

  • Digital advertising

    Digital advertising

    A paid ad campaign would generate an 89% increase in traffic to the site over that generated by organic traffic alone.
    – Google study “search ads pause”

    Your brand deserves the best advertising it can get in order to grow and flourish. At INDEV we guarantee that you are treated as a professional amongst professionals. We are certified as Google Partners by Google Inc. This is why we guarantee tailored, exclusive and result driven solutions to your advertising goals.

    Digital advertising is not just about composing a captivating text or using a beautiful image. It’s about driving customers to your website and encouraging them to take some action. We design each campaign according to the action you want the customer to take. It can be a registration, a call or a sale - depending on your goal. No matter what you want to promote, we will find a way to reach out to your potential customers. What’s more, we constantly optimize your campaign identifying the best performing and profitable channels in order to increase your leads and conversions. Let's get your message out there!


  • Social


    Optimal use of Social Networks can be the backbone of a well-structured advertising campaign. They help you keep in touch with your customers, often in a friendly and informal way. For the last decade the online word has been dominated by social media and the most successful brands managed to readjust to the new environment and use it to their profit.

    Companies nowadays hold the remarkable opportunity to humanize their brand through their social media presence. At INDEV we analyse your advertising needs and aim to the right audience. Because of their informal nature, social media give us access to customer insights related to their leisure activities and free time. This information is sometimes even more valuable than traditional demographics.

    Consistency, Quality and Frequency are the three components of a successful social media strategy that can turn your regular audience into brand advocates.


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