• Fanis Sklinos
    Fanis Sklinos
    Founder / CEO

    After several years of expertise in the field of project management and an engineering background, Fanis founded INDEV to offer advanced software architecture solutions bespoke to the shifting needs of the enterprise market. A strong agile methodology advocate, he can design and control the implementation of demanding software applications. Moto: “Research and strategy come first. Concept and design follow.”
    Also, he plays the bass (and zsh).

  • George Evangelogeorgos
    George Evangelogeorgos
    Creative Director

    George’s role is to transform your ideas in a complete visual experience. With a strong background in UI and UX design he always finds the optimal way to convey your message. Also, he is an experienced illustrator and a concept driven visual designer.

    Last but not least, he plays the guitar and you can jam with him at his office! Send him an email now to book it.

  • Stratos Moros
    Stratos Moros
    Lead Developer

    Stratos supervises the whole team and every technical deliverable. He works on all stages of development (even operations) and loves a challenge. His deliverables are efficient, maintainable and secure. He is responsible for turning INDEV in a powerful, Django Based, Software House.
    When he is not coding, he explores remote or unknown corners of this world  going on adventurous road trips or travelling by trains.  

  • George Tasoulas
    George Tasoulas
    Business Analyst

    George’s role is to understand our clients and their needs and propose optimal solutions. He has quantitative/financial background and several years of experience in the fields of financial, data and business analysis.
    His moto: “The classification of people’s thoughts and needs results to products”
    He likes cycling, reading, maths and music.

  • Soti Papastavrou
    Soti Papastavrou
    Project Manager

    Soti is the liaison between our clients and our internal teams. She is responsible for the design and implementation of digital marketing campaigns compliant with strategic goals and design principles.

    Her analytical skills and intuition help her diagnose problems and allow her to provide viable solutions. Through on-going and close communication, she ensures that each collaboration is pleasant and that projects are completed on time and within budget. 

    An accomplished athlete, she loves skiing and tennis.

  • Dimitris Misdanitis
    Dimitris Misdanitis

    A full stack dev, Dimitris mainly focuses on frontend. Knowing that UX is what people feel from using a website or an application, he codes user friendly interfaces and fast, responsive pages that grab customers’ attention and make them care about your content.
    He is also well versed in game development, maintaining an online game server! And of course, like many other INDEV guys, he plays the guitar (you could tell from the picture).

  • Spiros Bousioutis
    Spiros Bousioutis
    Graphic Designer

    Spyros takes care of the physical presence of your brand.He identifies and designs the elements that will grab consumer’s attention; for this, his priority is the selection of photographs, the typography and the slogans. In order to achieve this, he enjoys using unique and custom elements that will make a creative work stand out.
    He is a semi pro rugby player and a DIY enthusiast, crafting his own wooden furniture.

  • Maryellen Bakola
    Maryellen Bakola
    Digital Marketing

    Maryellen takes care of digital marketing campaigns and works her best to drive some valuable traffic to your website. She conducts detailed keyword research and an inside-market analysis, as part a of a holistic SEO/ SEM approach, to suggest tailored solutions for your advertising goals. Linking all your content online - Social Media being an indispensable part of the mix - she can track and report back the behavioural patterns of your audience.

    In her free time she loves dancing to salsa tunes and reading books.

  • George Tsakalos
    George Tsakalos

    George is a full stack developer skilled in all phases of the software development lifecycle. He never misses a deadline, making sure that any project will be completed within the most strict timelines. He specializes in back-end development using Python and Django framework with emphasis on readability and simplicity. In his spare time he practices Capoeira, he loves to read books and of course... he is a hardcore gamer!

  • Voula Oikonomou
    Voula Oikonomou
    Digital Marketing

    Voula is responsible for your social media planning and advertising, as well as content creation and copywriting. Knowing that smart content is the key to generate engagement between brands and customers, she comes up with fresh ideas to communicate your brand message to the desired audience and implements new strategies to capture the attention of your potential customers.

  • Gerasimos Soulis
    Gerasimos Soulis

    Gerasimos is a full stack Django developer, with a deep interest in IoT and embedded devices. In INDEV he works on hardware integration, firmware and Dev Ops for devices that communicate with Django deployments. He has experience in game design, using his strong mathematical background to analyze and create awesome algorithms.
    He is a bad bass player but he is well versed in martial arts.

  • Yannis Moros
    Yannis Moros
    Data Scientist

    Yannis leads on Digital Analytics and Business Intelligence.
    His role is to measure and optimize the performance of the digital product against business objectives and user needs. He transforms data into simple, accurate, meaningful and actionable information, enabling data driven decision making in every role and every stage of development.
    His background is in Statistics and Operational Research. He plays the piano, the bass and video games - often at the same time.

  • Chris Hadjimylos
    Chris Hadjimylos

    Chris is a full stack Microsoft Technologies developer and solution architect. His expertise lies in providing enterprise-grade solutions and analytics, assisting clients in defining requirements for the grand-design of complex solutions as well as leveraging analytics which allow for data-driven decision making.

    Imported directly from the US, Chris is an avid tennis player and enjoys playing violin in a band setup with his father for Cypriot weddings.

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